1)  COMPLETE YOUR REAL ESTATE FUNDAMENTALS (PRELICENSURE) COURSE: Your school will submit your certificate of completion to the State of Michigan. Always keep a copy of completion certificates for your records. You must apply for licensure within 36 months of completing your prelicensure course.


2) COMPLETE AND SUBMIT YOUR REAL ESTATE SALESPERSON LICENSE APPLICATION: Log into the site to apply for licensure. Upon accessing iCOLA, you will be asked to create an account, pay your license fee and submit your license application electronically. If you list your employing broker’s 10-digit id number when applying, please inform your employer that you have submitted your license application. Your employing broker should then access his/her iCOLA account and confirm sponsorship. You do not need to have a broker at the time you submit the license application; broker information may be supplied to the State of Michigan at a later time using the Employing Broker Notification form, found at the Forms & Publications link at Your license application will remain in a “pending” status with the State of Michigan until broker sponsorship is confirmed.


During your electronic application process, if you answered “yes” to specific questions, you are required to submit additional forms (Request for Conviction History, Request for Disciplinary Action, Stipulation Form or Consent to Service of Process), this will be noted on your ePayment Receipt upon completion of the iCOLA application process. Please read it carefully and follow the directions accordingly. Your application will not be processed until the additional forms (if required) are received by the State.


3) RECEIVE AUTHORIZATION TO TEST: If no additional documentation is required, your application will be approved, and you will receive an email from the State of Michigan notifying you of your authorization to register for the exam (please allow 2-5 business days for this step). The email will include your exclusive six-digit exam candidate “MIRE” (Michigan Real Estate) number and complete examination registration instructions.  Again, if additional documents are required due to your “yes” responses, the application will be in a pending status (you will not receive the email) until the documents are received and the application is approved.   No email is sent to you regarding these deficiencies.

Note:  (1)  You must complete all licensure requirements within one year of applying on iCOLA.

(2)  Exam scores are valid for one year.


4) CONTACT PSI TO SCHEDULE EXAM: Using the contact information contained in your “MIRE” email, provide PSI with your MIRE number, then schedule and pay for your exam. This MIRE number is used only for the purpose of scheduling your exam, it is not your license number. Your license application will remain in a “pending” status with the State of Michigan until broker sponsorship is confirmed and you have taken and passed the exam.


5) TAKE AND PASS EXAM: If broker sponsorship is confirmed at least 48 business hours prior to your exam date, you will receive the photo pocket license at the PSI Examination Site upon successful completion of your exam.

Subsequent Notification of Broker Sponsorship: 

·         If your iCOLA application named a broker before you took the exam, but the broker did not confirm sponsorship prior to your exam, your broker can still use iCOLA to sponsor you. 

·         If you didn’t name an employing broker prior to passing the exam, the receipt of your photo pocket license and subsequent paper licenses will be delayed awaiting the submission of a completed Employing Broker Notification form. 

Again please note that you must pass the exam within one year of applying for the license or the fee paid on iCOLA expires.


6) LICENSURE: Typically, exam information will be imported into your iCOLA record within 48 business hours after successful completion of the exam. Once your exam score is received by the Department and broker sponsorship is confirmed, the State-issued paper wall license and pocket card will be mailed to your employing broker’s main office.



Once you are licensed, please take note which year of the 3-year license cycle you acquired your license since that dictates how many continuing education hours you will need to renew. All applicants who were issued a new license from 11/1/08 to 7/1/09 will be renewing his/her license this year and are required to complete 6 hours of continuing education hours by 10/31/09. October 31st the license will expire if not renewed.  Please check for Renewal information on our website for more information.


Additional Notes:

•Broker applicants must complete 90 hours of courses and pass PSI exam prior to applying for a broker’s license.

•At this time, broker candidates are not able to use the iCOLA site to apply for new licenses. Please visit to access the latest versions of broker applications.