Acme Referral Network

After many requests….Here it Is!


Acme Referral Network – the best holding company for your license, at the most reasonable cost you will find anywhere!

Send us an annual fee of $60.00 and a check payable to the State of Michigan in the amount of $10.00 to cover the transfer fee. Acme Referral Network will include a FREE Con Ed course (A $55.00 Value!) at the destination of your choice.

Imagine….Con Ed on the beach in Key West, Florida, or Gulf Shores, Alabama! Or, how about in the glitzy atmosphere of Las Vegas? You should check with your accountant regarding what portion of the trip you can claim as a deduction! Perks are being added all the time.

For a printable packet: Referral Packet 2020
We ask that you include a Completed W9 with your information and payments to us. Thank you!!!!